In This Course

Dr Thiago Ottoboni will presents a case following the StyleItaliano protocols for a direct veneer restoration in anterior teeth.

Sometimes dentists have to compromise with economic conditions of patients and taylor their work around the economic conditions of the patient. Dr Enzo Attanasio will show yoou the importance of techniques being smart, quick, cheap but also profitable. An example is to use flow injections for flow restorations.

Dr Margarida Henrique shows a case of a semi direct restoration, an overlay, carried out on a class II cavity. She also explains how to use a double cast model, one model to fabricate restorations and one model to create a wax up. 

In the video dr Ahmed Saad talks about how he first found out about Style Italiano. He also discusses how he received very positive energy, motivation and support from the Style Italiano community when sharing his cases, such as his articles on rehydations and class IV restorations. 

Dr Mark Bowes shows a case a patient whose teeth are stained due to an excessive consumption of Coca Cola. A full mouth scan was carried out and DSD digital bitte lift was used to create a 3D design. He also discusses the benefits of using composite in a block formation instead of ceramic. 

Dr Roberto Rossi, the developer of the “bone lamina technique” will how a periodontal surgery can lead you to a feasible teachable repeatable new smile for your patient without any restoration.

In the video dr Karol Babinski talks what Style Italiano is to him: the power of friends sharing information. He talks about the importance of dental photography, having the right gear and the support and advice he got from Style Italiano members when developing his own way to use composite and new rubber dam techniques. 



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